Sign of Seven


What a lovely little town.

After entering the plane of Aldwood, our heroes made their way down the road in the forest.
Hearing the distress of a merchant, they go to his aid, finding a group of bandits robbing the caravan on the road.

Blows were struck but our heroes had no issue dispatching the villainous bandits, sending them scurrying, or dead!
The merchant was extremely grateful, and rewarded the heroes with treasure and information about the nearby town of Milldell.

The heroes assisted the caravan on its trip to the town and arrived in the mid afternoon.

Rhor, Abraxus and Melkor discovered the Wagonwheel, a popular Inn and drinking hole.

Struts bought new knives, as he kept dropping his slippery old ones!

Meanwhile, Edward, Ferrous and Nubu explored the town center and its many curiosities.

Finally, Maldred kept a wary eye on the merchant they came with, suspicious of his intentions.


Eventually the heroes all met up at the Wagonwheel. Melkor visited the Milldell Adventurers Guild and met the charming Sibylla, accepting a quest to wipe out a goblin camp to the East.

After a long deserved rest and a strange encounter with a red robed man on the street below the Wagonwheel, our heroes prepare to help the town with their goblin infestation.

Will they survive such an insurmountable task? Will they learn anything about their current predicament? Find out next time!



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