Player details needed!

Hey guys, here is a list of things you need to address (if not briefly) in your backstory:
-Why are you the class(es) that you are? What drove you to pursue that?
-Where you were raised, and what the people you grew up with are like (if any)
-What drove you to a life of adventuring (where have you been, where are you going?)
-Lightly touch on personality traits if it is relevant

-Why do you speak Chondathan? (there is no precedent for it in our campaign so feel free to make something clever up if you want)
-Explain why you have ‘Fey Beast Tamer’ as your background
-Explain why you have ‘Samurai’ as your theme, and how that relates to your dual knowledge of the cleric/ranger class.
-Reference that your personality is “Kind, but twisted”
-What is the significance of your mirror?

-What causes you to look like a drow? (and how does it link with your “accursed lineage”)
-Why do you choose to use a warpick and a sword? (if it’s relevant)

Edward Aurens:
-Why do you speak Damaran and Elven? You are half elf, but did you live among elves?
-Elaborate on your times in the desert.
-Why are you listed as being a noble?

-Where were you built? How did you manage to become a knight?
-You’ve lived a long time (400 years) how has this happened and how does this effect you?
-Your background is of a Local Hero, what’s the story behind this?

-Why do you speak Draconic?
-You are a thief and an outlaw, what caused this?
-You are arrogant and snappy with comments. how did this come about and how does it effect your relationships with people?
-You took the dirty fighting feat, elaborate on why this may be the case.

-Maybe outline how being a Bozak Dragonborn is different.
-You are young for a vampire (43). Therefore you are inexperienced in the lifestyle. How does this effect your relationships with others. Are you still getting used to it?
-I know you wanted to be super evil guy, but how do you justify being with relative decent people. Are you at conflict with some sort of inner demons?

-We’ve talked a lot about your backstory so there isn’t much you need to elaborate on other than:
-Where did you get the bear? Why can it float and talk?
-Talk about the general stuff above.


Player details needed!

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